GraceANN in concert


INSIDE the MUSIC concerts

  • A pianist of dynamic energy and provocative musical insight, Cummings presents classical music to be seen as well as heard. Her theatrical concerts called INSIDE the MUSIC have included the smashing of mirrors, the blowing of bubbles, magic tricks, 12-tone sculptures, paintings, masks, film animations, and audience participation. Cummings has been presenting her multimedia concerts throughout the United States since 1994.


Inside New Music

  •  Cummings has worked with composers of the Seattle Composers' Salon, the ProCon Art Series at the University of Washington in Seattle, the Center for Advance Research of Technology in the Arts and Humanities at the University of Washington, recording commissions, and world premieres live on radio station, KING FM. Composers that GraceANN has worked with include Richard Karpen, Diane Thome, Oscar Pablo DiLiscia, Gavin Borschert, Brad Anderson, Jay Hamilton, Carson Farley, Ken Benshoof, Bret Battey, Eric Flesher, Stuart Dempster, Tom Baker, Chris Delaurenti, and Garrett Fisher. Internationally Cummings traveled to Breda, Holland to participate as the lead pianist and USA representative for Kristoffer Zegers massive composition of PianoPhasing. 


Community Outreach


Zegers Piano Phasing
Director and performer of the World premiere of Zegers Bach to the Future piano phasing.- 2017
Director and performer of the USA premiere for composer Kristoffer Zegers' piano phasing. - 2017

Bach in the Subway
Director and performer of the Seattle premier for composer Kristoffer Zegers' piano phasing - 2017
Performer and volunteer coordinator 2014-current

Seattle Music Teachers Association
Chairperson for October Festival, 2012-current
Chairperson for Simon Fiset Composition Competition 2008-2018
Member 1988-current

Ladies Musical Club
Member 1989-1997
Performed regularly on the Public Concert Series 1989-1997
Served on committee for International Artist Series 1990-1996
Served on committee for Music in the Schools 1990-1994